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Espresso is an Android tool for UI Automation similar to other automation tools used by Android app developers to run tests on their applications. The Espresso code is developed alongside the application code in Android Studio and is generated as an .apk file that can be installed onto a device to run the tests. The actual test suites are controlled by an AndroidJUnitRunner class instance.

Traditionally, the test suite executed either by using the device emulators supplied together with the Android SDK or (using adb) on devices directly connected to the development machine.

You can now run these test suites on devices in the Perfecto Lab.

Use the Automation tab of the your lab, select a device, and use the Espresso Execute Perfecto command to supply the information on your application apk, Espresso test apk, and JUnit package to run the Espresso test. When finished, the Perfecto Lab supplies a report based on the standard Android Studio Espresso report.

The testPackage parameter for the espressoExecute is mandatory. This indicates the package name of the Espresso test suite that should be executed. This will usually be the application package name with ".test" appended. For example, if the application package is "" then the testing package will probably be "".

The following shows how to set the parameters for the espressoExecute command:


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