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Download Reporting SDK client for your programming languages and framework


Direct Download

Direct download is available here.

  •  Click on the latest version and download the reportium-java-<version>.jar file and add to your classpath.


Note: If you are using Allure annotations download an additional artifact from here.

  • Click on the latest version and download the reportium-allure-integration-<version>.jar file and add to your classpath.


  1. Download Maven.
  2. Create a Maven project in your IDE.
  3. Update your pom.xml file.
    Sample pom.xml file including reporting property and dependencies is available here.

    1. Add the version number of the Reporting SDK that you downloaded (as described above) into the <properties> section as the <reportium-sdk.version> property.

    2. Add the identification of the SDK repository, as defined below, into the <repositories> section.
    3. Add the Reporting SDK dependency into the <dependencies> section.
      If you are using Allure annotations, add the dependency for the Allure-integration as well.
     <!-- Add the following line into the "properties" section and supply the correct version number -->

<!-- Perfecto Repository -->
    <name>Perfecto mobile</name>

<!-- Reporting SDK -->

<!-- Reporting SDK addition for Allure users -->


Add Perfecto’s repository to your ivysettings.xml:

    <settings defaultResolver="perfecto"/>
    <property name="perfecto-public"
        <ibiblio name="perfecto" m2compatible="true" root="${perfecto-public}"/>

Add Perfecto jars to ivy.xml:

<!-- Reportium SDK -->
<dependency org="com.perfecto.reporting-sdk" name="reportium-java" rev="${reportium-sdk.version}"/>
<!-- Reportium SDK addition for Allure users -->
<dependency org="com.perfecto.reporting-sdk" name="reportium-allure-integration" rev="${reportium-sdk.version}"/>


Update your build.gradle file with:

  • Perfecto’s SDK download repository  URL
  • Define the SDK version in the reportium-sdk.version (supply the version number of the SDK that you  varaible.
  • Add the dependencies on creating the Reporting SDK jar.
// Perfecto’s artifact repository
repositories {
    maven {
        url ''

// definition of the Reporting-SDK version
def reportium-sdk.version = 1.1.10		// supply correct version number

dependencies {
   // Reportium SDK
    compile "com.perfecto.reporting-sdk:reportium-java:$reportium-sdk.version"
    // Reportium SDK addition for Allure users
    compile "com.perfecto.reporting-sdk:reportium-allure-integration:$reportium-sdk.version"


For NodeJS installation use:

npm install --save-dev perfecto-reporting


Download the Reporting C# client, available as a NuGet package from here.

Run the following command in the Package Manager Console:

Install-Package Perfecto-Reporting


For Gem installation use:

gem install perfecto-reporting


For pip installation use:

pip install perfecto


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