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Release 10.12

View the video of all devices in the Single Test Report, emulate Face authentication, use network virtualization to generate HAR files for each Espresso test, and more

Release 10.11

We have the iPhoneX, improvements in iOS11 support, Desktop Web now supports visual text analysis, use HAR files to analyze application network traffic, and more

Release 10.10

Registration for Perfecto Information Portal is now open, Ask your questions in the new Forum, Learn about DigitalZoom enhancements, Improvements for Perfecto's developer tools, and more

Release 10.9

iOS 11 GA is out and supported by Perfecto, support for 3D Touch, Extensions for XCUITest, Espresso testing, Enhancements to DigitalZoom, and more...

Release 10.8

Extended features for Espresso testing, more scenarios for Fingerprint authentication, and more

Release 10.7

Learn about the new Gradle plugin, SSO support for corporate IDP, availability of iOS 11 devices, and more

Release 10.6

Enhanced Reporting CI Dashboard,  support for audio/text translation and verification, Edge VM, and more...

Release 10.5

Release 10.4

Faster desktop-web automation, See your test reports organized by CI Job Name with the CI Dashboard, test your applications that use the device Fingerprint reader, and more...

Release 10.3

Security Token, New DigitalZoom(tm) features, More Effective Defect Management Process, Object Tree Optimization for iOS, and more ...

Release 10.2

Support for latest Android version, install and update IntelliJ plugin directly from JetBrains

Release 10.1

DevTunnel support for Xamarin and ReactNative, Record device audio, Support for iOS 10.3.1

Release 10.0

DevTunnel expands to support iOS devices, DigitalZoom Reporting expands to support Native Automation, Usability improvements, and more

Release 9.8

Release 9.7

Reporting - new templates, UI improvements, Support for iOS 10.2.1, and more

Release 9.6

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