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by Christopher Alton


When working with newer Android applications, you may face the following error.


What this means is that the application being installed is not supported by that Android OS version. For example, an application build for Android v4.4 may not run on Android v4.0.4

Within your application, you can see the TargetSdkVersion and MinSdkVersion (minimum version. It would look something like this.


For Reference, here is a listing of the SDK versions for Android OS.

Note that some time between Android N and O, the Android SDK began aliasing CUR_DEVELOPMENT and the developer preview of the next major Android version, to be the same SDK_INT value (10000).

You can retrieve the device logs during your session which will advise of the actual error. Please see these links on how to retrieve device logs.

Getting the Device Log in Manual Testing

Getting the Device Log in Automated Testing

When facing this issue, please contact your application developer for your client/customer/internal resource, as your application developer would be your point of contact to resolve the problem.