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One of the features Apple highlighted in introducing the iPhone X, and notifying the developer community to pay attention to, is the uniqueness of the new device's display screen:

iPhone X includes a large, high-resolution, rounded, edge-to-edge Super Retina display that delivers an immersive, content-rich experience like never before.

Perfecto's iPhone X Interactions

Perfecto has adapted all of its toolset to properly display and analyze the iPhone X in all aspects of the interaction. This includes:

  • Interactive display of the device in the Perfecto IDE and Plugins.
  • Screenshots of the active application.
  • Visual analysis tools only analyze the real screen display.
  • Video capture in the execution report.

For all of these tools - Perfecto's software will provide a true depiction of the actual iPhone X display features - with rounded corners and ignoring sensor bars.

What Does it Look Like

The iPhone X will have the following recognizable appearance:

Note the:

  • Rounded corners are blacked out
  • Other areas of the device front, not part of the display screen, are also blacked out.

This appearance will be shown in all the visual tools.