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By Christopher Alton

This article explains what happens when you change the time on an iOS device in the mobile lab.


There may come a time when your testing requires that you need to change the time in an iOS device. There are a few things to keep in mind.


The status bar on the top of an iOS device in the mobile lab, for any iOS device running our fast video solution, will reflect 9:41 AM as per the video API in iOS devices. Even changing the time will not reflect the updated time in the status bar. However, using anything that identifies the time in the device, such as the iOS clock app, will reflect the proper time that is set in the device.


If the time is changed in the date and time settings of an iOS device, this will cause a springboard reset. This causes the video of the iOS device to stop responding, until the device is power cycled and recovered. Recovering the device this way will restart the Apple time service in the device, and restore functionality.


Note: Doing this in automation is not recommended. All date and time changes in the time an date setting of an iOS device, must be done through manual interaction.

If the device goes into error after changing the time, and does not recover after power cycling the device,please contact the Perfecto Support team.