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Last updated: Apr 18, 2018 10:13

Command: audio

Subcommand: text

Supported Platforms: Native, UFT, Selenium, Appium

Supported OS: Android, iOS

Command that converts an audio file into a text "transcript" file of the audio

Important Note: Audio validation and transcription commands are sold under a separate license. Contact Perfecto Support for more information.


The command accepts an audio file that may be recorded from a device and creates a text file that contains the textual translation of the audio file.


 * Mandatory parameter

Request & Response

JSON Response
	reason: "Success",
	timer.elapsed: "3324",
	returnValue: "my team won today and passed to the third phase",
	description: "Success",
	timer.system: "3324",
	sessionId: "johnp@perfectomobile.com_controller_17-12-06_14_49_15_3616",
	completed: "true",
	flowEndCode: "SUCCEEDED",
	executionId: "johnp@perfectomobile.com_controller_17-12-06_14_49_15_3616",
	timer.ux: "0",
	timer.device: "0"