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Last updated: Jan 15, 2017 09:20

The Perfecto Continuous Quality Lab (CQ Lab) integrates with a wide variety of automation test frameworks, eliminating the problem that organizations face with “lock-in” to a specific automation test framework. This flexibility enables teams to unify their approach to testing digital experiences across multiple devices and technologies.

  • Perfecto CQ Lab serves as Selenium server which is an extension of the existing Open Source Selenium server, enabling a single test for both mobile browsers and desktop browsers.
  • Selenium RemoteWebDriver is the leading market automation tool for web and mobile, enabling test automation to be executed on both browsers & real mobile devices. The Perfecto Selenium server is an extension of the existing Selenium server, enabling single test for both mobile browsers and desktop browsers.
  • The RemoteWebDriver dramatically increases the ability to deploy updates to websites fast. The ability to get reports across multiple platforms and mobile devices in one test provides visibility and allows time to market to improve without compromising on quality.

  • Perfecto also provides rich REST APIs, a RESTful web service that provides an interface for accessing CQ Lab functionality and data from a remote client over the web.

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