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Last updated: Jul 09, 2020 16:07

This article lists the most prominent DevTunnel problems along with their solutions.

DevTunnel widget does not appear

Note: This issue is related to the legacy Perfecto UI.

If the DevTunnel widget does not appear in the Perfecto UI, verify that:

  • The DevTunnel feature is enabled in your Perfecto Lab. If it is not enabled, contact your CSM to activate it.
  • The device is configured for DevTunnel, as follows: 
    1. Open the device information window.
    2. On the Functionalities tab, under Device Control, check for the DevTunnel functionality.

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  • If using an iOS device, realize that DevTunnel support is limited to Android devices. See limitations below.

On this page:

Installation fails

The installation may fail with the following error: DevTunnel network requirements could not be verified.

To work around this issue, verify with your IT department that the network configuration of your connection to the Perfecto Lab complies with the following:

  • The workstation is set up for internet communication.
  • The firewall allows communication on port 443.
  • The local network employs:
    • transparent proxy to connect to the Perfecto Lab. Vrify all CQ Lab sites included in the white-list of the proxy.
    • Web inspection. Verify all CQ Lab sites included in the white-list of the proxy.
  • The log file is saved in the following location:
    • On Windows: C:\Program Files x86\Devtunnel\devTunnelInstallerLOG.txt
    • On Mac: /tmp/devTunnel.log

Installation error messages

During the installation phase, the following error messages may appear:

Error Message

What should you do

STunnel Failed

Try to restart the stunnel service manually:

  • On a Mac, run the commands: "kilall stunnel; /usr/local/bin/stunnel"

  • On Windows, run the command (in a cmd window): cd <stunnel-folder>; stunnel.exe
    Note: By default, <stunnel-folder> is <DevTunnel Installation Folder>\stunnel\bin.
    The default DevTunnel installation folder is C:\Program Files (x86)\DevTunnel\.

STunnel not responding (Mac only)Kill the stunnel service and reinstall DevTunnel.
Failed to install packages (Mac only)Some of the installed packages require that BREW has execute permission. Verify the permissions defined for the file: /usr/local/bin/brew
XXX process is using the DevTunnel communication port (Mac only)

DevTunnel normally uses designated TCP communication ports for the connection between the workstation and the Perfecto Lab. The error indicates that a different process on the workstation is using the communication port that DevTunnel is configured for.

Try to kill the XXX process and reinstall DevTunnel.

Failed to create DevTunnel service (Windows only)

Manually create the service from the file that was copied to the workstation.

Run the following command (in a cmd window):

sc create "Perfecto DevTunnel Service" binPath= "$INSTDIR\DevTunnelWindowsService.exe"
Library not loaded: /usr/local/opt/openssl/lib/libssl.1.0.0.dylib Referenced from: /usr/local/bin/stunnel Reason: image not found checking if stunnel is running... STunnel failed to start (Mac only)

This error appears in the /tmp/devtunnel.log file. 

To resolve the issue, switch to an older OpenSSL package, for example using the following: brew switch openssl 1.0.2s

Retrieve log files (Mac)

Understanding the nature of problems in the DevTunnel session may be indicated by information included in the session log files. To access the log files when activating DevTunnel from a Mac workstation:

  •  Before activating the DevTunnel session, open the terminal window and execute the following command:

    touch /usr/local/etc/stunnel/debug
  • Activate DevTunnel for the selected device.
    A debug window opens, displaying the log information for the session. Isolate the log information associated with the DevTunnel problem.

     Click to view image
  • Turn off the debug console with the following command (in the terminal window).

    rm -f /usr/local/etc/stunnel/debug

Connection errors

  • For information on troubleshooting issues related to Android devices, see here.
  • For information on troubleshooting issues related to iOS devices, see here.

Contact Perfecto support

If you experience any of the following difficulties in connecting tyour device over DevTunnel, contact the Perfecto Support Team and open a support ticket:

  • After connecting the device, all of the widget indicators show that the device is connected. However, the device is not displayed by adb, chrome://inspect, or the IDE device selection interface.

When contacting Perfecto Support, try to include any log files generated by the service.