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Last updated: Dec 18, 2019 09:19

There are five different, ready-to use personas. See the detailed table below for their unique capabilities.

Existing tests can be executed across the set of personas. The personas can be parameterized and run utilizing common continuous integration servers, such as Jenkins, or test execution managers, such as TestNG.

Persona JSON file

A persona is a set of capabilities stored in the format of a JSON file located in the Perfecto CQ Lab repository. The pre-defined persona JSON files are located in PUBLIC:Personas folder (for example: PUBLIC:Personas/Georgia.json).

Example Persona JSON file
        "windTunnelLocationAddress":"New York, NY",
        "windTunnelBackgroundRunningApps":"American Airlines,Twitter,Outlook,Marriott,BofA",
        "windTunnelVNetwork":"4G LTE Poor",
        "description":"Corporate Road Warrior, Age 47",
            "model":"iPhone-6S||iPad Mini 4"

Use an existing persona

To set a persona, use the windTunnelPersona capability.

Java Example
capabilities.setCapability("windTunnelPersona", "Georgia");
C# Example
capabilities.SetCapability("windTunnelPersona", "Georgia");

Tailor a persona

Tailoring an existing persona with specific values can be done by defining new capability values to override those that have already been defined.

** A complete list of all available capabilities can be found here.

Java Example
//Set the persona
capabilities.setCapability("windTunnelPersona", "Georgia");

//Add network conditions
// for list of available network conditions see
capabilities.setCapability("windTunnelVNetwork", "3.5G HSPA Average");

//Add location EITHER by an address or latitude and longitude coordinates
//By latitude longitude coordinates:
//capabilities.setCapability("windTunnelLocation", "-33.856975,151.215770");

//By Address (you can add street number and country if needed):
capabilities.setCapability("windTunnelLocationAddress", "New York,NY");

//Set orientation to landscape and portrait
capabilities.setCapability("windTunnelOrientation", "portrait");

//List the apps running in the background
capabilities.setCapability("windTunnelBackgroundRunningApps", "Candy Crush Saga");

Note: For C#, use capabilities.SetCapability() in place of capabilities.setCapability().