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Last updated: Sep 12, 2019 14:05

Jobs tab

When using a Continuous Integration (CI) tool, for example Jenkins, each test-set is assigned a job name and, usually, a job number. The CI Dashboard displays an overview of the history of the tests listed by their job name. The display includes the following information:

  • The Job Name and the details of the selected test run.
  • A statistical overview of the selected test run results: 
    • Number of tests included
    • Number of tests that reported "passed"
    • Number of tests that reported "failed"
    • Number of tests that did not report a final status or indeterminate result
  • A set of bars that (graphically) represent the history of the job's test runs, where each bar represents the distribution of the test results for the particular run
  • A line graph that represents the duration history of the job's test runs, where each node on the line represents the duration of the particular run.

History information

The Result History bars and Duration History nodes are coordinated. Each bar represents the same job as the corresponding node. Selecting either one of the bars or one of the nodes selects that run and updates the statistic information displayed.

Note:The job number listed in the Job/Branch Details column is the latest job number assigned by the CI tool (for example Jenkins). Each bar in the Result History column represents the results for a different job number. If the CI tool resets the job numbers assigned (for example as a result of a re-installation or general reset), the Test Analysis view displays a new bar (and node) for equal job numbers if the start-time of the two jobs is more than 24 hours apart.

When you move the pointer over a history bar or duration node, a tooltip appears, including the following information:

  • Job Number
  • Date that the testrun was executed
  • Duration of the test run (when moving the pointer over the duration node)
  • Statistical overview of the run (when moving the pointer over the history bar)
  • Icon to dril -down to the Heatmap for this build

The statistical overview shows the actual test results for the test run.

Branches By Job tab

Each CI Job (see above) can also be divided into different branches, that may, for example, define a different flavor of test for the features under test. If the tester declared a test run to be associated with a particular branch (by using the withBranch method or with the reportium-job-branch command-line parameter), then the job and its branches are displayed in the Branches by Job tab.

The tab displays a separate line for each job that includes:

  • Number of branches in the job
  • Summary of the status of the most recent branch run.

Clicking the expansion button (left side of row) or the job name opens a list of all the branches' history overview (similar to the job history overview described above), showing one line for each branch of the job.