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Last updated: Dec 17, 2019 19:12

Command: gateway

Subcommand: call

Supported Platforms: Native,Selenium,Appium

Supported OS: Android, iOS

Generates an external voice call recording to the selected destination


It is possible to select multiple destinations that may include devices, users, and phone numbers.

At least one destination must be selected.

When specifying a device via the to.device parameter, verify it has a SIM card, which is required for calling that device.

When specifying a number via the to.number parameter, replace the '+' character with %2B in the sent string.


 * Mandatory parameter

Request & Response

JSON Response
  "executionId": "john@perfectomobile.com_controller_16-11-09_12_44_59_31771",
  "reason": "Success",
  "timer.elapsed": "15",
  "testGridReportUrl": "[0]=john@perfectomobile.com_controller_16-11-09_12_44_59_31771",
  "timer.ux": "0",
  "singleTestReportUrl": "",
  "description": "Success",
  "timer.system": "15",
  "reportKey": "PRIVATE:controller/161109/controller_16-11-09_12_44_59_31771.xml",
  "completed": "true",
  "flowEndCode": "SUCCEEDED",
  "timer.device": "0"