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Last updated: Dec 17, 2019 19:12

Command: gateway

Subcommand: email

Supported Platforms: Native

Supported OS: Android, iOS

Sends an email message to the selected destination


Sends an email to the specified destination - at least one must be specified.

It is possible to select multiple destinations, diversifying across email addresses, devices, and users. 

When specifying the destination by the to.device parameter, verify this device has an email address; generally, only BlackBerry devices.

If the subject and body parameters are not set, the message subject and body are defaulted to none and “test email”, respectively.


 * Mandatory parameter

Request & Response

JSON Response
  "executionId": "john@perfectomobile.com_controller_16-11-08_09_26_26_940",
  "reason": "Success",
  "timer.elapsed": "344",
  "testGridReportUrl": "[0]=john@perfectomobile.com_controller_16-11-08_09_26_26_940",
  "timer.ux": "0",
  "singleTestReportUrl": "",
  "description": "Success",
  "timer.system": "344",
  "reportKey": "PRIVATE:controller/161108/controller_16-11-08_09_26_26_940.xml",
  "completed": "true",
  "flowEndCode": "SUCCEEDED",
  "timer.device": "0"