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Last updated: Dec 01, 2020 14:49

The vitals feature collects useful performance data for an open device (default) or the selected application (not supported by all devices), in real-time. If you have several devices open, you can collect vitals for each of them. For each device, the vitals feature collects the vitals that the specific device supports.

You can view this information in the UI or download it as a .csv file for use in any spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel. Performance data includes network, CPU, and memory usage (model specific), all of which measure the general performance of the device or the application and determine how efficiently an application uses resources.

You can select any of the following graphs to display (if supported by the device). Note that on Android, CPU vitals are only supported for version 7 and earlier.

CPU KernelThe percentage usage of CPU by the operating system
CPU TotalThe total CPU Usage
CPU UserThe percentage usage of the CPU by the application
Memory CacheThe RAM memory that holds frequently used data to increase processing power
Memory FreeThe unused memory
Memory UsedThe used memory
Network In - TotalThe bytes received from either the wireless or the mobile network
Network Out - TotalThe bytes sent to either the wireless or the mobile network

Watch this short video to see how you can view, configure, download, and clear vitals information. Detailed steps follow.

To access the vitals panel
  • On the device toolbar, click the vitals icon .
    The vitals panel opens on the right.
To collect vitals
  1. (Optional) To make configuration changes, do the following:
    1. In the Vitals panel on the right, click the gear icon .
    2. In the Set parameters form:
      1. To collect vitals for a particular app, select Application and then specify the application in the list.
      2. If needed, adjust the collection frequency. 
        By default, data is collected every 1 second. The recommended value is between 10 and 30 seconds.
      3. Under Filter, modify the graphs to display.
      4. Click Save.
  2. To start the collection of vitals, click START.
  3. To end the collection of vitals, click STOP or wait for the test to end. 

    Note: Clicking START or STOP ends the data collection, but it does not clear any data.

To download vitals as a .csv file
  • In the Vitals panel on the right, click the download icon .
    A success message appears when the download is complete.
To clear collected vitals data
  • In the Vitals panel on the right, click the broom icon .
    This option clears any data from the .csv file. A success message appears when the data has been cleared.