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Last updated: Jan 02, 2020 10:45


Ensure you have installed the software package for your computer.

Make the Connection

You can choose to either open the target Perfecto Lab device either within the IDE (Eclipse or Android Studio) plugin or in a Perfecto Interactive interface window.

Go to the Perfecto widgets, and click the DevTunnel widget (blue box in following pictures). 

If you are prompted by the (Chrome) browser to allow the External Protocol Request -

  • Check the Remember my choice for all links of this type box.
  • Click the Launch Application button (blue box below).

DevTunnel will display a progress bar in the lower part of the widget frame. The progress bar shows an Initializing connection message until the connection is established. 

Check Device Connected

After the secure channel has been established verify that the device is connected

  • In Perfecto Lab or Plugin - Progress bar reports connection, widget switched to Disconnect, and Device identification indicates connection

  • Use a system command to verify the device is connected. For example, use either:
    • Open Chrome and browse to chrome://inspect, the device list should include the connected device as seen below:

    • Use adb to check that the device is identified as connected to a USB channel

      The device identifier that appears in Chrome inspect or adb should match the device identification shown in the Perfecto device information window.

Disconnect device

To disconnect the DevTunnel session

  • Click on the Disconnect widget (from either the Interactive session or IDE plugin), and confirm the disconnect in the dialogue box.
  • After successful disconnection

    • Widget changes from Disconnect to DevTunnel.
    • Connected indicator no longer displayed.


Special Notes

  • DevTunnel session automatically disconnects if the Perfecto Lab session ends.
  • If the DevTunnel session is disconnected due to a Perfecto server, you will be notified of the disconnect, and may reconnect.