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Last updated: Nov 09, 2020 13:58

You can establish a connection to an open device in the Manual Testing view through Perfecto DevTunnel. DevTunnel lets you leverage real devices in the Perfecto lab as if they were connected locally to your workstation over a USB cable, providing a smart solution to security blocks that would otherwise prevent integrations of remote devices with development tools to perform the required testing. For comprehensive DevTunnel documentation, see DevTunnel | Debug on real Perfecto devices

To be able to work with DevTunnel, you first need to download and install DevTunnelInstaller, the DevTunnel connection software. DevTunnelInstaller installs the different software elements onto your computer. These elements:

  • Allow you to establish a secure connection between your development computer and the Perfecto Lab Handset Server.
  • Help the Android debugging tools identify the Perfecto device that is connected to the development station.

When DevTunnelHelper is installed properly, you can establish the connection. To get started, see Install the DevTunnel connection software. If you have already installed the software, see Connect to a Perfecto device through DevTunnel.

When you finish working on the device, you can disconnect from DevTunnel manually. The session also gets disconnected when you stop the test and release the device.

For a short demo of how to work with DevTunnel, watch this short video. Detailed steps follow.

To connect to a device through DevTunnel
  1. On the device toolbar, click the DevTunnel icon .
  2. If this is your first time connecting, do the following in the DevTunnel form:
    1. Click Download DevTunnelInstaller. The download tool identifies the target operating system and downloads the proper installation package.
    2. Open the file and follow the prompts on the screen. The installation is slightly different on Windows and Mac.
      Note the default installation directory. You may change it if needed.
    3. When the installation is complete, click Close.
  3. Click CONNECT to connect to the device through DevTunnel.
  4. When prompted to open DevTunnelHelper, confirm. A success message indicates that the connection has been established.
To end the DevTunnel connection
  1. On the device toolbar, click the DevTunnel Connected icon .
  2. In the DevTunnel form, click DISCONNECT
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