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Last updated: Jul 09, 2020 16:53

Device fails to connect

If all indications work, but the device fails to connect, verify that you have the latest version of the DevTunnel service installed. To be sure, download the latest version and reinstall the service.

Connection error messages

The following error messages may appear during the connection process:

On this page:

Error MessageWhat you should do
There was a problem with your stunnel key

Reinstall the latest version of DevTunnel:

Click More>Download DevTunnel and run the (downloaded) executable.

After installation completes rerun DevTunnel

STunnel key file does not exist (Mac only)
Local stunnel server not running!

On Mac:

  1. Make sure stunnel is running by executing the following:

    'ps -ax | grep stunnel' 
  2. If stunnel is not running, start it by executing stunnel in a terminal window.
  3. If stunnel is running, verify the stunnel configuration file (/usr/local/etc/stunnel/stunnel.conf) is correct.
  4. Re-install the DevTunnel package if necessary.

On Windows:

  1. Make sure stunnel is running by executing:

    'tasklist | findstr stunnel'
  2. If stunnel is not running, start it by executing:
    <DevTunnel installation folder>/stunnel/bin/stunnel.exe
  3. If stunnel is running, verify:
    1. The Stunnel configuration file (<DevTunnel installation folder>/stunnel/config/stunnel.conf) is correct.
    2. Stunnel (<DevTunnel installation folder>/stunnel/bin/stunnel.exe) is added to the anti-virus exceptions list.
  4. Re-install the DevTunnel package, if necessary.

    Note: The default DevTunnel installation folder is C:\Program Files (x86)\DevTunnel.

There was a problem with your local stunnel client

Inspect the DevTunnel log files for indications of the problem:

On Windows: (default location) C:\Program Files (x86)\DevTunnel\devtunnelhelper.log

On Mac: /usr/local/etc/stunnel/sshLog.out or /usr/local/etc/stunnel/devtunnelhelper.log

Contact Perfecto Support

Corrupt stunnel configuration

The stunnel configuration file does not match the workstation-Perfecto Lab pairing.

Reinstall the DevTunnel package.