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Last updated: Jun 08, 2019 20:14

The Perfecto Continuous Quality Lab provides, in addition to the large set of mobile and wearable devices, a set of desktop-web environments for testing web applications. The web environments are characterized by -

  • Operating System - for example Windows 8.1 or MacOS Sierra
  • Browser version - for example Chrome v62, Firefox v58, Safari v10
  • Screen resolution - to support testing responsive web applications.
  • Browser location setting - either US East, AP Sydney, or EU Frankfurt.

The Web device is presented to the test script as a virtual machine, hosted by the Perfecto CQ Lab. Normal initialization for the latest version combinations of the VM is approximately 7-10 seconds.

Supported Platforms

Use the browserVersion capability to select the version of the browser to configure in your Desktop Web device.

You can follow the browser version road-maps at the following links:


Windows Version 
Chrome available versions
Firefox available versions
IE available versions
Windows OS Server edition
Windows 770-75,  beta62-67, beta11 (see note 2)
Windows Server 2008 R2
Windows 8.170-75,  beta62-67, beta11
Windows Server 2012 R2
Windows 1070-75,  beta62-67, beta11
Windows Server 2016

14-18, beta (fast interactive only)Win 10 Embedded
Support policy Beta, Production version - 6Beta, Production version - 6Production versionProduction version - 3


  1. IE & EDGE browsers are configured to disable the popup blocker.
  2. Perfecto's Desktop-Web support will stop supporting Internet Explorer 8, 9, and 10 for Windows 7 VM in May, 2018.
  3. Some Windows versions run on Windows Server, as listed above.

Due to Microsoft licensing issues, when requesting a desktop edition, its MS Server counterpart is supplied. This does not affect the view or the input needed in the capabilities, but entails usage of slightly different libraries.

Screen resolutions

  • 1024x768 (default)
  • 1280x1024
  • 1366x768
  • 1440x900
  • 1600x1200
  • 1920x1080


Mac Web sessions are created using physical Mac machines installed at your Perfecto CQ Lab.

Note: Mac Web sessions may require longer initialization than Windows based Web sessions.

Perfecto's Selenium Web testing is supported according to the lists below.

Mac OS Version
MacOS High Sierra1170-75,  beta62-67, beta

OS X El Capitan10-1170-75,  beta62-67, beta
OS Mojave1270-75, beta62-67, beta

OS Version 10.14

Contact Support to upgrade MacOS

Support policy Production version - 1Beta, Production version - 6Beta, Production version - 6

Multi locations for Mac Web sessions are possible only if your company has multiple Perfecto Labs with Mac machines installed.

Screen resolutions

  • 800x600
  • 1024x768 (default)
  • 1280x1024
  • 1280x720
  • 1440x900
  • 1680x1050
  • 1920x1080
  • 2560x1440
  • 3840x2160


  • Perfecto's extensions, aside from Visual Analysis commands, are currently not supported for desktop Web testing.
  • Desktop-web devices, used in Selenium scripts, may not be displayed on the Perfecto Dashboard. If this is a requirement, follow the instructions here.
  • When creating a session with platformName capability set to Mac, the location capability is mandatory.
  • Mac Web sessions are created on real machines. This limits their number and type to the Mac machines installed on site (CQ Lab).
  • The following operations are not currently supported in devices with the specified configurations:

    ConfigurationOperations not supported
    Mac with Safari browser
    Safari earlier than v11
    The driver.manage.maximize() function due to Selenium issue.

    Mac with Safari browser

    1. MouseClick
    2. MouseMove

    Firefox v53 or later1. MouseClick
    2. MouseMove
    3. Submit