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Last updated: Nov 08, 2018 09:19

  • New HTTP API allows you to query the Perfecto Lab about:
    • Number of licensed Desktop Web devices and their availability. See here.
    • Available Desktop Web configurations information. Includes what types of devices, display resolutions, browser versions. Learn more here.
  • Use the new addHostsRecord Selenium capability to configure the Desktop Web Virtual Machine to recognize the devices in the target network.
  • Appium/Selenium scripts for slow web are limited to running up-to 6 (six) hours. Any script that exceeds the limit will be terminated.
  • Fixed: When running a high number of simultaneous automation scripts, intermittent execution errors were eliminated.
  • New: [Interactive Mode] Use the Link icon () to create a direct link to a Desktop Web device. The URL will include the complete definition of the device attributes and can be used to create a new session on the device.
  • Fixed: WFA will report a timeout exception error when driver.get() fails to access the browser.
  • Fixed: Mac (High Sierra) + Safari desktop web devices are responsive to user actions and are controlled from the initial allocation.
  • Change: Configuration for IE & EDGE browsers changed to disable the popup blocker.
  • Compliance improvement for Desktop Web devices: customers are now able to limit the selection of devices to specified geographic locations (for example, only devices located in EU Frankfurt) - contact Perfecto Support to implement.
  • Users unable to open Desktop-Web devices, should verify whether error is connected to a geo-location limitation.
  • Support for Edge v17 on embedded Windows 10, see all supported devices.
  • Fixed: Opening a Web Device with Internet Explorer 8 or 9, not using Fast Web will open properly.
  • Fixed: Mac El Capitan sessions will time out and automatically close when the browser does not confirm the close browser request.
  • Edge 14 browser is supported for Windows 10.
  • Support for Chrome v64 and Firefox 58 browser versions for all Windows configurations.
  • New: Support for new (takesScreenshot, screenshotOnError) capabilities, that add screenshots as attachment to the test execution report.
  • Fixed: Windows 10 VM no longer display the Update OneDrive popup at startup, automatically eliminated by system.
  • Fast Web provides VMs for Edge Browser v16, Chrome v62, and Firefox v57 in a Windows environment
  • ChromeDriver ver 2.33 supported by Desktop Web Windows + Chrome VM.
  • Fixed: All Desktop Web VM operate in the same timezone.
  • Fixed: Windows 10 + IE11 VM operate consistently with the actual application on a physical Windows 10 device.
  • Fixed: Screenshots and video of the run session will consistently be uploaded to the reporting data artifacts repository.
  • Fixed: Install of Adobe Flash player for Internet Explorer v11 and Firefox in VM running Windows 8.1 installs successfully and is operational.
  • Selenium script Capability browserVersion supports the following version names for Chrome and Firefox with Fast Web (Windows 7/8/10):
    • "latest-1" (next to last version) For example, if latest version is 60 - this will be v59.
    • "latest-2" (version two previous to latest version) For example, if latest version is 60 - this will be v58.
  • browserVersion supports "latest" and "beta" values as listed in the supported platforms.
  • When Selenium script uses one of the "latest" or "beta" settings (see previous bullet) as the browserVersion, the execution report will show the number of the version used for the browser. Allows the user the convenience while providing traceable information in the reports.
  • Mac Yosemite will no longer be supported. All devices will be upgraded to Mac OS Sierra, unless there is a request (through your CSM) to upgrade to Mac OS El-Capitan.
  • Mac support for different browsers is updated see the updated list of platforms.
  • Support for new Capabilities:
    • "seleniumVersion" capability supports selection of the Selenium client version to configure in VM.
    • Driver version capabilities - geckodriverVersion (for Firefox) and chromedriverVersion support selection of the browser driver version for the test scripts.
  • Desktop Web Selenium scripts support the DigitalZoom SDK methods - stepStart,  stepEnd, and reportiumAssert.
  • Desktop Web reports will now be associated with the username of the owner of the Security token, and will be listed in that user's test reports.
  • For Selenium users, instantiate the RemoteWebDriver at URL with "/fast" appended, except in the following instances:
    • Your Perfecto Lab does not support the securityToken (for example, onPrem installations).
    • Your Selenium script uses Visual Analysis.
    • There is a need to follow the execution of the automation on the Perfecto Dashboard.
  • Check updated list of supported configurations.
  • The Launch Web button will not be displayed when the logged-in user does not have the DESKTOP_WEB user Role defined.
  • Fixed - Extraneous error messages indicating an application error when starting the desktop web are no longer displayed.
  • See the list of supported platforms for updates on platforms and resolutions.
  • Fixed - Improved resolution of Desktop Web screenshots.
  • Support for the WAVE Evaluation Tool extension - support the WAVE toolbar in desktop chrome automation. You can now test accessibility for desktop websites in automation using Perfecto.
  • Check the latest updates of supported platforms.
  • Support change to the default device location by your Lab Administrator. Previously, all devices were "located" either in US-Virginia or EU-Germany, with the default set to US-Virginia. If you require to redefine the default location, your Lab Administrator can contact your CSM to arrange the "relocation".
  • Fixed - Selecting values in dropdown menus on Firefox versions 45-48 works properly.
  • Interactive mode - will use the latest browser version by default.
  • Reports for executions using the "latest" browser version will report the actual version number used.
  • Support for Edge browser for Windows 10 devices. Based on physical devices connected to the Perfecto Lab.
  • Improved Launch Web interface, shows count of available devices for specific options (for example, number of devices for specific OS Version).
  • Support for selection of the "latest" browser version in Automation mode