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Last updated: Mar 14, 2021 20:48

Mobile and web developers constantly need to develop and validate their code on real mobile devices. Until now, they were not able to leverage mobile lab solutions for their development activities because they were blocked and could not integrate remote devices with their development tools to perform their tasks.

With Perfecto DevTunnel, developers can leverage real devices in the Perfecto Smart Lab, a cloud-based test lab, as if they were connected locally to their workstation over a USB cable. At the same time, developers can fully control the device environment to perform development and debugging activities.

If you are a developer, Perfecto DevTunnel lets you:

  • Share resources: Share real mobile devices, hosted across the globe for your development activities. There is no more need to have local pools of devices at each location to cover multiple OS versions and device models. Devices are always available and accessible.
  • Reduce time to fix: DevTunnel's remote access provides the ability to debug on remote devices and to reproduce complex issues, both issues detected by QA and issues that come from production. Easily configure the environment (such as network, location, and so on) while you have full access to your debugger.
  • Integrate with existing tools: DevTunnel is easy to set up and is fully integrated with your existing tool stack.

General flow

The general flow of developing with DevTunnel involves:

  1. Install the DevTunnelInstaller (one-time installation).
  2. Connect a Perfecto device to DevTunnel from the Perfecto UI.
  3. Use the Perfecto device in place of the SDK emulators for development, testing, and debugging with full integration with the IDE or Chrome inspect.

Demo video

Watch the following video to get started with DevTunnel.