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Last updated: Sep 22, 2019 16:29

  • DevTunnel adds support for downloading iOS 12.1.1 system symbols.
  • DevTunnel installation for Windows changed to not be dependent on the user's environmental variables. This allows users of the workstation, that did not install the tool, to easily activate it. See more here.
  • Fixed: Perfecto Connect now supports iPad devices running iOS 12.1
  • DevTunnel adds support for downloading iOS 12.1 system symbols.
  • DevTunnel adds support for downloading iOS 12.01 system symbols.
  • DevTunnel is compatible with Mac Mojave OS workstations. Easily connect Perfecto Lab devices to your workstation to work just like a device on your USB connection.
  • XCTestUI and XCTest fully supported for the new iPhone XS and XS Max using the Gradle Plugin.
  • Espresso/XCUITests tests add support for the numOfDevices parameter. Use this to specify a number of devices to randomly select and run the tests in parallel on the devices. See the Gradle Plugin Configuration Parameter articles [Espresso, XCUITest] for more details.
  • Perfecto Connect now supports two versions of the Windows client package - one for 32bit and one for 64bit installations. See the links here.
  • DevTunnel adds support for downloading iOS 11.4 system symbols.
  • XCUITest and Espresso Testing Frameworks will now generate a test report for instances that failed when trying to allocate a device. This will provide a clearer picture of the test results.
  • DevTunnel adds support for downloading iOS 11.3.1 system symbols.
  • Espresso testing supported in Android Studio 3.1
  • XCUITest and XCTest testing supported for iOS 11.3
  • Perfecto Connect supported for iOS 11.3
  • DevTunnel adds support for downloading iOS 11.3 system symbols.
  • Test Frameworks Support now provides more detailed progress notifications during execution. Allows user to quickly how his tests are progressing and if there are any problems.
  • DevTunnel adds support for downloading iOS 11.2.6 system symbols.
  • DevTunnel Windows client now supports .NET 4.6
  • XCUITest and XCTest testing support adds support for passing environment variable values, using the XCUITest launchEnv() method, to the tested applications as part of the test execution. Use the new instrumentationEnvVars configuration parameter to supply the environment variable values to the test.
  • DevTunnel adds support for downloading iOS 11.2.2, 11.2.5 system symbols.
  • XCUITest and XCTest device logs and execution logs now saved and attached as artifacts to the Single Test Report.
  • Gradle plugin added configuration parameters to extend the support of Espresso testing:
    • Configure the plugin to automatically grant all requested permissions to the Android application at installation.
    • Define a timeout for the execution of the test cases. If a test case extends beyond the allotted time, it will be aborted and reported as a failed case, remainder of the test run will continue.
  • Gradle plugin now accepts file (both application and test-application) locations in the Perfecto Lab Repository (as an alternative for location in the workstation storage).
  • Gradle plugin reads PAC file to determine the Proxy connection information.
  • Run On Cloud feature is working with Android Studio 3.x. Read more about the feature.
  • Support for iOS 11.2 system symbols download when running DevTunnel.
  • Gradle Plugin adds support for additional configuration options -
    • Configure the device orientation (portrait or landscape) for the Espresso tests.
    • Perform the tests only after the device reboots
    • Configure the test to be run under virtual network conditions and retrieve (as a report attachment) the statistics of the performance vitals for each individual test scenario.
  • Gradle Plugin adds support for including screenshots of the test device to the execution report attachments. These screenshots include those snapped by the instrumentation test and those taken by the plugin at test completion.
  • Gradle Plugin supports Android Studio v3.
  • Limitation: Run On Cloud execution of applications on Perfecto Lab devices not supported in Android Studio v3.
  • DevTunnel supports the iOS 11 minor version (11.1) symbol tables.
  • Gradle Plugin for Espresso support Android Studio 3.0 and Android Gradle Plugin 3.
  • The task name for activating the Gradle Plugin for Espresso is changed to perfecto-android-inst. The perfecto task name will be deprecated at the next revision.
  • Fixed: Gradle Plugin recognizes test completions for test-names with special characters and includes them in the test suite report.
  • DevTunnel supports the iOS 11 minor version (11.0.1, 11.0.2, 11.0.3) symbol tables
  • Fixed: Gradle Plugin for Espresso/Robotium now supports the Android Studio lint task without generating compilation errors.
  • DevTunnel supports uploading of iOS 11 symbol tables.
  • DevTunnel able to connect the tunnel over an unauthenticated proxy connection.
  • Video capture of Android Instrumentation tests now supported in additional geographical regions.
  • Perfecto Espresso testing supports Android's JUnitRunner Sharding testing, your tests will be divided between all the devices you configure for the test run, using Android's splitting algorithm.
  • Perfecto Espresso supports configuration of installationDetails and postExecution parameters that may control whether the application and test apk files are uninstalled either before or after the test run.
  • Save screenshots of the device at the end of Espresso test execution - select whether the screenshots are taken at the end of all executions or only if the test reported a failure.
  • Gradle plugin for Espresso/Robotium test support goes GA.
  • Espresso Execute command is being deprecated and will soon be removed from the REST API.
  • DevTunnel supports multiple versions of ADB without adverse side-effects.
  • Fixed: DevTunnel will install STunnel and openSSL even if there is no proper internet connection to install from the net.
  • Fixed: DevTunnel connected devices now support XCTest test functions in XCode 8.3.3
  • DevTunnel supports downloading the iOS symbols for the latest iOS version
  • Run on the Cloud: New Settings window (requires upgrading plugin) allows the user to:
    • Change the Gradle build targets and settings.
    • Indicate the location of the application's apk file (will be automatically uploaded to the device).
  • Users no longer need to be assigned the HANDSET_DEV_TUNNEL role to use the DevTunnel feature. If the Perfecto Lab is configured to support DevTunnel, all users are enabled for the feature.
  • Fixed - DevTunnel installation package supports Windows usernames that include a space (' ') character.
  • Full support of development, debugging, and testing Android applications using Xamarin IDE.
  • Full support of development, debugging, and testing Android applications using ReactNative for Android.
  • Perfecto plugin supported by Android Studio 2.3
  • Support for connecting iOS devices from Mac development stations
  • Additional improvements in speed of DevTunnel service installation.
  • Installation of the DevTunnel service both on Windows and Mac has been shortened to allow quicker startup.
  • Extensive troubleshooting guide - addresses all error messages reported by DevTunnel.