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Last updated: Feb 04, 2020 09:35

If your Gradle project is configured to run in Perfecto, you can integrate it with Smart Reporting by performing the following steps. 

A sample Gradle with Perfecto project is available here:

To integrate Gradle with Smart Reporting:

  1. Open the build.gradle file.
  2. Edit the file as follows:

    1. For the project to be able to access the Reporting SDK, add the following jars:

                    compile ('com.perfecto.reporting-sdk:reportium-java:+') {
                     exclude group: "org.seleniumhq.selenium", module: "selenium-remote-driver"
                    exclude group: "org.seleniumhq.selenium", module: "selenium-java"
                    exclude group: "org.seleniumhq.selenium", module: "selenium-api"
    2. If your project is integrated with a CI tool, also add the following:

      systemProperties['jobName']=project.hasProperty('jobName') ? jobName : "NA"
      systemProperties['jobNumber']=project.hasProperty('jobNumber') ? jobNumber : null
  3. In the code, fetch the jobName and jobNumber as follows:

    .withJob(new Job(System.getProperty("jobName") , 
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