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Last updated: Jun 07, 2017 12:36

Perfecto enables you to test your Web app on desktop browsers hosted by Perfecto.

Launch Web

Start by launching the desktop web machine.


When in Interactive mode, the Widgets area allows:

  • Recording manual actions testing your Web app on the VM browser
  • Sharing your session video with other users
  • Entering text either via Enter text field or directly via keyboard, similarly to working from an actual desktop
  • Using the right sidebar - You can take screenshots from your session, crop them, and save them to the repository/PC.

Using the Keyboard & Mouse

Use the Keyboard and mouse for controlling the desktop and easy navigation within the virtual desktop browser windows.

  • Right-click is performed by pressing ALT together with the mouse click.

  • Keyboard up/down arrow keys - scroll frames within the virtual browser.

  • F2 key - tabs between input fields in the virtual browser.

  • Shift-Home and Shift-End - select text for copy-paste operations.

Demo: One Digital Lab for Testing Web and Mobile

Watch how you can deliver a flawless digital experience across by performing side-by-side functional testing on browsers and mobile devices.

Desktop Web User Role

DESKTOP_WEB role must be assigned to users interested in launching a desktop web machine. This role is added via the System Administration application, by selecting (double-click) the user in the Users tab, and adding the DESKTOP_WEB role in the Roles tab.

DESKTOP_WEB role for desktop Web testers