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Last updated: Jul 26, 2018 08:38

  • New: Use the Link icon () to create a direct link to a Desktop Web device. The URL will include the complete definition of the device attributes and can be used to create a new session on the device.
  • Fixed: Uploading files to the repository using the Perfecto IDE from (Windows or Mac) Firefox and Mac+Safari now works
  • Sensor authentication icon changes for iPhone X to show Face ID functionality.
  • Selecting a device based on the Automation Infrastructure is now supported by the Launch Mobile button. A new Automation column appears in the Device selection table that indicates the framework that the device is configured to run. The table of devices may be filtered based on the value of this column.
  • Activate Siri, on iOS devices configured for XCUITest Framework, with a long-press on the Home button.
  • New administrative HTTP operation supports updating device dynamicField, description information.
  • Fixed: ObjectSpy will highlight (on the device screen) the UI Element identified when using the Find dialogue at the top of the ObjectSpy display for devices running iOS 11 and iOS 10 configured for the Appium/XCUITest framework.
  • Device list supports Dynamic Fields settings to provide a space for the Perfecto Lab system administrators to add information regarding the specific device. The list of devices, both in the Launch Mobile window and Devices tab, can be filtered based on the value of the field.
  • Sensor instrumentation during application installation, replaces separate camera and fingerprint instrumentation and provides the functionality to support image injection and fingerprint validation, and future sensor support.
  • Forgot password link is active for 30 minutes from the time that email is sent to user. Email message is updated to reflect this limited time period.
  • Fixed: When using the Recovery widget, answering No to the question no longer deactivates the widgets.
  • Fixed: The list of device locations in the System Administration window filter is now sorted alphabetically
  • Support for multiple selection of devices to remove from the Perfecto Lab in one Delete operation.
  • Perfecto has added a What's New page and link to the IDE interface. The page provides the highlights of the newly installed Perfecto system version.
    • The new page will appear, as an additional tab, the first time you login to the IDE after a system update.
    • The link appears in the upper-right corner of the IDE display and will call up the additional page.
  • Perfecto Lab administrators will no longer be able to assign roles, intended to be system roles, to devices. This will prevent confusion and conflicts of device usage.
  • Fixed - UFT throwing an authentication error and closing the user's interactive session. Situation is corrected.
  • Fixed - The Enter button for the Text Entry directly from the keyboard now supported.
  • New feature - Use your keyboard to enter text into Text Entry fields. See more here.
  • When opening an additional device, new device will be displayed next to previously opened devices, not on top of previously displayed devices. Device windows are resized to optimize the display area.
  • Instrumentation steps consolidated into a single dialogue panel.
  • Added an Uninstall widget to the Installed Applications tab of the right panel of the Interactive UI. Easily select an application and use this widget to uninstall the application from the device.
  • Network Virtualization - added control of when to attach the pcap file to the report.
  • Configure how a mobile device is identified in the device window - options include device name, phone number, device ID.