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Last updated: Nov 20, 2019 17:35

This section explains how to integrate an existing Gradle and Perfecto project with Jenkins. For a Perfecto Gradle sample project, see

To integrate an existing Gradle and Perfecto project with Jenkins:

  1. Create a new Jenkins job.
  2. Add the source code management information for the Git repository location of the project.
  3. Add parameters, as follows:
    1. Select the This project is parameterized checkbox. 

    2. Add the following parameters and set their corresponding default values:
      • securityToken. For information on retrieving the security token for your user, see Generate security tokens.
      • cloudName. For example: mobilecloud
  4. Add a build step called Invoke Gradle script
  5. From the Gradle Version list, select the relevant version.
  6. In the Tasks field, add the following tasks:


  7. Run the job and get the Gradle output in the console logs.