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Last updated: Jan 27, 2020 11:32

When you click the Automation tab - the following user interface is presented:

The interface includes four main areas:

  • Top toolbar - includes icons for control of the script and its commands
  • Commands sidebar (on left) - presents four tabbed areas that provide selections of commands to include in the script
  • Scripting canvas - the area where the script is built (in Edit view) or Run (in Running view)
  • Devices area - displayed by clicking the Devices icon in the top toolbar and presents an area similar to the Interactive UI.

Top Toolbar

The toolbar includes the following tools:

FileCreate new, open existing, save current, and print scripts
VariablesCreate script variables and modify existing variables
Editing toolsCut, Copy, Paste, and Delete icons to edit the script commands
Control elementsLoop, Group, and Condition icons to add control commands to the script
EditEdit the parameters of the selected command
ExcludeComment out the selected commands
RecordBegin recording the interactive actions on device as script commands
RunRun the script
WatchPresents a video presentation of the last script, as it appears on the device declared to be DUT.
MoreOpens a menu that allows you to edit the script properties, export the XML, access the log file, or execution report
DevicesOpens the devices area - important for device selection (see below)

Commands Sidebar

The commands sidebar appears in the left panel of the UI, and presents tools used to add commands to the automation script. The commands are organized into four tabs:

Common FunctionsProvides easy access to add commands that are most common - for example, Home, Select object, Navigate to URL.
FunctionsProvides a list of all Perfecto defined commands. For more information on these commands see the REST API documentation
User FunctionsProvides access to all user-defined commands stored in the Perfecto Lab Repository
ScriptsProvides access to scripts stored in the Perfecto Lab Repository

Scripting Canvas

The scripting canvas is where the script commands are listed. The canvas supports two views of the script - controlled by the two selector buttons at the top:

  • Edit View - lists the commands, and allows you to edit the command parameters (either by selecting the command and clicking the Edit button, or double-clicking the command line).
  • Running View - Displayed when the script is executing. Displays which command is currently executing, elapsed time for the command execution, and status of the execution (success or failed).

Devices Area

Displayed by clicking on the Devices icon in the toolbar. Supports selecting a device from the lab, and displays it in the window.

This area displays a full Interactive UI. In most cases (and by default) the right and left panels of the UI are hidden.