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Last updated: Dec 09, 2019 12:46

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DigitalZoom Reporting Authoring

Use the three new UFT commands to interact with the DigitalZoom Reporting service to generate the new report for your tests.


Test start

Use this command at the start of your test script to define the tags associated with the test. These tags are used to identify the specific report in the report repository listing.

PerfectoLab("lab_id:=lab").TestStart "name=reportName"[,"tags=my test tag","jobName=testJob ","jobNumber=66","projectName=reportiumTest ","projectVersion=1"]


namemandatory stringused to identify the report.
tagsoptional stringprovides a tag to be associated with the report, can be used to search for report in Repository.
jobNameoptional stringassociates the report to a particular user job
jobNumberoptional integerassociated with the jobName to identify specific report.
projectNameoptional stringassociates the report to a particular project.
projectVersionoptional integerassociated with projectName to identify specific report.

Optional changes (but highly recommended)

Test Step

Command used to designate the start of a new step in the test script. Each step is reported in the report and provides access to a particular segment of the report video. In addition, steps make it easier to follow the flow of the test execution.

PerfectoLab("lab_id:=lab").TestStep "name=stepName"


namemandatory stringused to identify the step in the report.

Test End

Command used to notify the reporting service that the test execution has finished and the status to report for the test.

PerfectoLab("lab_id:=lab").TestEnd "success=true|false"[,"failureDescription=string"]


successmandatory true or falseindicates the status to report for the test.
failureDescriptionoptional stringprovides detail of what went wrong in the test.
failureDescription should not be included if success = true.

Code Sample


See here for a complete UFT sample for reporting

GitHub Samples

Browse Perfecto GitHub repo for complete Reporting samples