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Last updated: Aug 03, 2020 12:53

Overview of the steps required to help User administrators set up and manage users.

Admin Application

Our Support team provides user administration rights. To access the admin application:

  1. From the applications menu, select More -> Administration.
  2. Click the Users tab.

Roles and Groups

To aid more efficient workload, management roles are assigned to users. Users can be organized into groups. The privileges assigned to users go according to role. Users can receive one or more roles. Groups enable users with assigned roles to work as a cohesive unit.

System Roles provide specific functionality. The matrix below describes user system roles:

Role NameRole Description
INTERACTIVEAccess to Interactive tab
AUTOMATIONAccess to Automation tab
ADVANCED_AUTOMATIONAccess to draft functions, script XML, virtual functions XML, and execution log.
AUTOMATION_EXECUTIONAccess to run scripts in Execution Center
AUTOMATION_ADMINISTRATORAccess to reports, executions, and repository items of your users (also includes Automation_Execution permissions)
HANDSET_ADMINISTRATORAccess to devices tab - adding, disconnecting devices, video tuning, etc....
HANDSET_VIEWERAccess to the Dashboard application
QTPAccess to the Perfecto Lab from UFT/QTP
ECLIPSEAccess to the Perfecto Lab from Eclipse plugin
MSVSOAccess to the Perfecto Lab from Visual Studio plugin
SPRINTERAccess to the Perfecto Lab from Sprinter integration
STATUS_VISIBILITYVisibility of users who are using or have reserved particular devices.
USER_ADMINISTRATORProvides access to manage users in the Users Tab
ADMINISTRATORAn administrator role
DESKTOP_WEBAllows user access to desktop-web devices
PRODUCTION_MONITORINGUser (and device) role for production monitoring
RESERVATION_ADMINISTRATORA reservation administrator role
SELF_REGISTEREDAutomatically assigned to user who registered online
STATUS_VISIBILITYEnable users (usually in private labs) to see detailed handset status (for devices in their user group) in select-device dialog
STATUS_FULL_VISIBILITYSame as above across all user groups
USAGE_REPORTAllows viewing usage reports
WIZARDGrant access to wizard activities

To enable licenses for the required roles, contact your Accounts Manager.

Custom Roles

Custom roles are assigned to dedicated devices. Your group may have one or more customer roles and you can assign specific devices to specific users. To set up customer roles please contact support.


Group members can collaborate, share media and scripts which are stored in their own private group repository.

Group Repository

When a new group is added, a repository is automatically created for that group.

Group Organization

Each role in an organization requires a user administrator. The administrator is assigned all the roles that the group requires. The role of the group administrator includes:

  • Managing, creating, and deleting group members
  • Assigning roles to group members - ie: device administration, reservations, reports, etc...

Adding and editing groups is the exclusive responsibility of Perfecto Mobile Support or Company Administrator. For more information, check the group management articles.