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Last updated: Jan 27, 2020 12:07

Command: timer

Subcommand: check

Supported Platforms: Native

Supported OS: Android, iOS, BalckBerry

Verifies that a stopped timer does not exceed a defined duration limit.

The timer records all types of time measurements (elapsed, user, RTT, system and Handset) , and the validation is performed against one specific type.

The timer must be stopped before performing this validation.


NameREST NameTypeDefaultDescription
Timer ID*timerId
TimerA (TimerA)
TimerB (TimerB)
TimerC (TimerC)
Unique timer identifier to control.
Upper time limitltINTEGER
The maximum duration in seconds, allowed for this timer.
Lower time limitgtINTEGER
The minimum duration in seconds, allowed for this timer.
Timer typetype
elapsed (Elapsed)
device (Device)
ux (UX)
system (System)
STRINGElapsedThe selected timer type.
Elapsed - Elapsed time (no segmentation)
Device - Device work time
UX - User experience time
System - System activity

* Mandatory parameter

Request & Response

Request syntax
JSON response
    "description":"Validation passed: Value of elapsed timer TimerA is 28907 milliseconds, which meets all the following conditions: [<30]",