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Last updated: Dec 31, 2018 17:15

After successfully completing the integration configuration, the Single Test Report (STR) will display an icon that allows the user to connect directly to the project's JIRA space and open new "Bug" issues based on the test results. The issues are generated and can also be tracked from the STR display.

Creating the JIRA Issue

The STR view will include the "bug reporting" icon (see below). Click on the icon, and -

  • If this is the first time that you are opening an Issue, or if the permission for opening an issue is not configured, JIRA will verify that you want to allow the generation of issues from outside of JIRA (see below). Click Allow.
  • After allowing the issue creation, a popup will be displayed to allow you to provide the basic Bug issue information:
    • Select the relevant JIRA Project from the pulldown list.
    • Add a Title for the JIRA issue, used as the issue header, in the Summary field.
    • The Description field will include basic information on the source of this issue (essentially that it is associated with a Test Report, and when the test was run). Add whatever additional information is necessary to fully describe the bug.
    • Add information to the Configured fields of the Bug Report.
    • Click CREATE to generate the bug issue

Note: The new issue will be pre-configured with a "Bug" issue type.

Configured Fields

The Bug Report popup window allows the user to fill in all of the fields of the new JIRA issue that are configured in JIRA for display and editing.

To configure the fields that are displayed -

  • In JIRA, select to Create a new issue.
  • In the issue creation window, Click on the Configure fields button in the upper right corner of the window.
  • Select the fields to display in the popup menu.

When creating the bug report in the Single Test Report - all selected fields (in the last configuration from JIRA) are displayed (in this example the Security Level and Description fields).

Tracking the Issues

When issues were created from the STR, a counter will be displayed to the right of the "bug reporting" icon. The counter displays the number of open issues associated with the Test Report.

Hovering over the counter will display a popup list of the issues.

Each issue in the list includes:

  • The JIRA issue number and title.
  • Date that issue was opened.
  • Current status of the issue.

Clicking on an entry in the list will transfer the user to the JIRA system to view the details of the issue. If there are multiple issues, you can open a JIRA "search" page that displays all of the issues by clicking on View all in JIRA.