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Last updated: Aug 14, 2019 23:23

Important: Perfecto Connect has limited availability. To access this feature, contact Perfecto Support.

Perfecto Connect is a secured network connection that supports testing Mobile or Web apps hosted on the local development network. The Perfecto Connect feature opens a direct connection between Perfecto Lab devices and a local network/backend server or a staged app that is not publicly available in other environments. This dedicated tunnel connection precludes the need for opening a VPN tunnel or defining the Perfecto Lab in the IP whitelist of the development network.

Perfecto Connect involves:

  • Using a simple client command-line interface to establish the dedicated tunnel to the Perfecto Lab
  • Selecting devices in the Automation script and associating them to the relevant tunnel
  • Running the tests on the applications that reside in the secure zone of the development network

The key values of the Perfecto Connect solution include:

  • Supports both Mobile Devices & Desktop Web (fast web Windows devices only)
    • Limitation for edge browsers - only versions 14 and 16 are supported.
  • Fits any digital interactive, automation, and CI test executions
  • Requires no installation (just execute the client application)
  • Associates multiple devices with the same tunnel
  • Supports tunnel initiation from MacOS, Windows, and Linux workstations
  • For debugging and troubleshooting, supports bridging proxies (installed on workstation), including support for Charles proxy and others
  • Allows for debugging over real devices from your local network/backend environment

Learn more about using Perfecto Connect in this section: