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Last updated: May 10, 2018 08:56

  • Perfecto Plugin for Android Studio supports Android Studio 3.1
  • Extend: Visual Studio Plugin supports Visual Studio 2017
  • When using the Eclipse/IntelliJ Plugin to run parallel Selenium/Appium executions on different open devices, video will be recorded separately for each execution and its specific device. This guarantees that the report for each execution includes the video for the relevant device.
  • Android Studio plugin - support for the Run On Cloud settings requires upgrading the Android Studio plugin..
  • UFT plugin - support for Security token requires upgrade of the UFT Mobile add-in
  • IntelliJ plugin now available directly from JetBrains repository. Allows easier installation and update.
  • Support for Android Studio 2.3 has been added.
  • Support for UFT 14.0 has been added.
  • Check the list of supported platforms before installing the plugin.
  • New templates for Appium/Selenium that use the Reporting interfaces, for creating the ReportiumClient instances, starting and ending the test, defining test steps, and retrieving the Reporting URL. Legacy report download calls have been removed.
  • Users still attached to the legacy reporting system can find templates at -
  • Fixed: WebView instrumentation now takes the visibility of WebViews into consideration when mapping children to the Appium tree WebView objects. Improved ObjectSpy and Selenium XPath behavior.
  • Perfecto plugin for Android Studio now supports Android Studio 2.2.3
  • Android Studio Perfecto integration is intended for support of Android developers. The Appium/Selenium templates and project structure will no longer be supported.
  • Visual Studio plugin uses the RemoteWebDriver class and its authentication. No need for the RemoteWebDriverExtended class.