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Last updated: Dec 13, 2017 08:08

View Multiple Devices in DigitalZoom STR

Customers that run a single Perfecto Automation test that involves multiple devices can now view how the test devices interact in a joint display as part of the DigitalZoom Single Test Report (STR). The STR allows the user to select which devices to display or hide in the video, that shows the progress of the entire device in a single timeline.

Gradle Plugin for Espresso Supports Network Virtualization

Analyzing the network traffic of an application, while executing Android Instrumentation tests (with Espresso or Robotium) is now easier with the addition of Perfecto's network virtualization and generation of HAR Files. Configure your test device for HAR file generation, configure the Gradle Plugin to run your tests in the virtualized environment, download the HAR files for each specific test method. Then use any HAR file analysis tool to learn more about the network traffic of your application.

Note: Generation of HAR files is a limited release feature. Contact support to add this functionality.

Perfecto Supports Face ID Emulation

The newest Apple iPhone X features a new authentication paradigm - Face Recognition. This new authentication will replace the fingerprint authentication used in many apps that require definite identification for user actions. Perfecto introduces a new Set sensor authentication command that supports automation of the authentication step, by allowing the automation script to inject a status reply to the authentication step of the action.

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