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Last updated: Aug 16, 2018 07:27

Follow your Test Executions in the Execution Center

Perfecto unveils the new Live Stream display of all your Test Executions. The Perfecto Execution Center provides information and allows a user to interact with the test executions running on Perfecto Lab devices. The Execution Center offers two ways to interact:

  • Use the graphic User Interface - displays information on all of the user's executions (for administrator - all executions) and supports stopping a set of executions.
  • Use the Execution Manager HTTP API to retrieve test execution information of currently running executions in JSON format or to stop a specific test execution.

Browse Synchronously in Automation Scripts

When using automation (either Perfecto Native Automation or Selenium/Appium) to browse to a URL in the device's browser, you have a choice of using the Browser go to Perfecto command from Native Automation or the get() method of the RemoteWebDriver instance in Selenium/Appium. Both of these methods, now support an option to execute these commands synchronously - waiting for the browser to display the page prior to going to next automation operation - with a command parameter or Selenium capability. Supported on Android devices only.

Product Updates

> Automation feature updates

> Desktop Web feature updates

> Reporting feature updates

> Android support updates

 Known Limitations

This section lists any feature limitations identified during the latest cycles of product development.

  • Selenium methods driver.getWindowHandle() and driver.getWindowHandles() are not supported for iOS Safari windows on iOS devices.
  • Start PWA command is not supported on iPad devices when in Landscape orientation.
  • iOS 12 Beta 4 limitation - When using automation or object inspection with the Perfecto framework with a web instrumented app, native object operations (not DOM objects) will not work properly and may cause the app to crash.
  • iOS 12 Beta 5 known issue - Progressive Web App (PWA) may crash on first start pwa attempt, but the application will open successfully if you repeat start pwa call
  • Delete all cookies does not work if there are Cookies with the Secure or HttpOnly flag set.