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Last updated: Jan 09, 2019 07:13

New Ways to Filter Your Report Library Grid

DigitalZoom provides different options to easily focus in on different runs of the automation tests. Use the SDK special options to characterize the test-runs, including associating CI Job information, or including your own Custom Field values. Now use these values to filter the Report Library Grid list of jobs to show only those reports you are interested in.

Perfecto Discontinuing Support for Old OS Versions

Perfecto is announcing EOL for support of devices running older versions of iOS and Android that will go into effect with Release 18.14. At that point, the Perfecto Labs will only support:

  • iOS devices running versions 9.x or later
  • Android devices running versions 4.1.x or later

All devices running earlier versions will be either upgraded or removed with the upgrade to Rel18.14. To upgrade any devices running these older versions, contact Perfecto Support.

Product Updates

> Android support updates

 Known Limitations

This section lists any feature limitations identified during the latest cycles of product development.

  • Sensor Authentication feature is not supported for applications created with the Xamarin environment when using the Secure Keychain interface library.