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Last updated: Nov 11, 2018 11:57

Extended Support of iPhone XS and XS Max

The new iPhone models are now completely supported by the Perfecto CQ Lab. Perfecto's support for XCUITest and XCTest frameworks fully support the new devices. Connection of the devices to any Perfecto lab installation is available by contacting Perfecto Support.

Control the Connection of an Android Device to the Cellular Network

Perfecto offers a new proprietary command setting available both from the REST API and from Appium/Selenium to toggle an Android device's Radio connection on or off. This command supports Android devices running Android Pie or earlier.

Desktop Web Upgrades Support for Mac

Perfecto unveils support for Desktop Web testing for Mac Mojave with Safari 12 and the latest releases of Chrome. In addition, all Mac Desktop Web machines align their browser support for the latest versions available. Check out the versions supported here. To upgrade a Mac device to Mac Mojave contact Perfecto support.

Product Updates

> Plugin feature updates

> Desktop Web feature updates

> Developer feature updates

> Reporting feature updates

> Android support updates