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Last updated: May 05, 2020 13:38

DigitalZoom Extends Smart Reporting with Failure Reason

Perfecto's DigitalZoom employs better analytics to better identify the test results in the reports. When an application fails a test, DigitalZoom will analyze the data of the step that failed and provide an intelligent status of what type of failure caused the test to fail. Learn how to configure the set of "failure reasons" and how to use the new tool here.

Watch the Fast Web Execution from the Execution Center

Perfecto is exposing the running fast web automation executions in the new Execution Center. Early access customers can now view the video feed from an ongoing fast web execution directly in the Execution Center. Customers interested in using this new feature should contact Perfecto Support to join the EA program.

Developer feature updates

  • Fixed: Perfecto Connect now supports iPad devices running iOS 12.1.