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Last updated: Jan 10, 2019 11:02

Perfecto Upgrading the Appium Server - Prepare Your Scripts

Perfecto is upgrading its Appium Server for iOS devices to support Appium 1.9.1 server, supporting all the advanced features of this version (check the Appium changelog). To take advantage of these new features verify that your automation script is compatible (and binds) with the Appium client version 6.1.0 (see release notes) or Selenium client version 3.14 (see changelog).

Special Notification: Towards the end Q1, 2019, Perfecto will only support automation scripts for client versions Appium 6.1.0 and Selenium 3.14 or above. We recommend that automation scripts be updated in preparation of this future change.

New Hosting Service for Perfecto Service Libraries

If you are using any of the following Perfecto supported tools - XCUITest Testing, Espresso Testing, Gradle Plugin, DigitalZoom Reporting SDK, or the Quantum Framework, read the important notice about the update of the library repository configurations. Take action prior to 31 Jan, 2019.

Create DigitalZoom Test Reports for Tests on External Servers or Emulators

If you run some of your tests on emulators or external servers but want to unite all of your test reports under DigitalZoom and take advantage of the advanced features, use the DigitalZoom Import API to create the test report and attach any additional files (for example, screenshots, textual log files, data sheets) to the report. The API is sold under a separate license, contact Perfecto Support for more information on including this service.

Product Updates

> Developer feature updates

> iOS support updates