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Last updated: Feb 12, 2018 12:44

Introducing Desktop-Web Customization Service

At times, a certain level of VM customization is needed to achieve the proper automation testing of web applications. Customers can request to pre-load certificates and apps onto the desktop during the VM launch. Perfecto introduces a new Desktop-Web Customization Service to execute a configuration playbook to setup the proper environment. To initiate this process please contact Perfecto Support.

Support for Amazon Fire TV

Perfecto is pleased to announce support for Amazon Fire TV devices. Customers can perform Interactive and Automation testing for apps and content on Fire TV devices in the Perfecto Lab. Read more on automating the device here.

Realistic Display of iPhone X

Perfecto upgrades support for the iPhone X by supporting the uniqueness of the new device's display screen. All Perfecto tools will now display the rounded-corners of the iPhone X and take the sensors bar into consideration when performing visual analysis, and preparing screenshots and video for the execution reports.

Product Updates

> Desktop Web feature updates

 Known Limitations

This section lists any feature limitations identified during the latest cycles of product development.