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Last updated: May 05, 2020 13:07

Select iOS Device by Advanced Features

Perfecto introduces a set of Appium Capabilities that characterize a device by the advanced features supported by Perfecto Appium Driver:

Use any mix of these new capabilities to characterize the device functionality needed for your particular automation script. The following clip shows how we use one of the capabilities to select a device that supports Voice Assistant Injection to test an interaction with Siri.

Information Portal Adding Secure Interface

The Information Portal is adding support for SSL controlled processing. Change your bookmarks to access the site using the https protocol -

Product Updates

Automation feature updates

  • Fixed: Speech to Text support for Japanese and Chinese produces correct transcription of the audio file input.

Plugin feature updates

  • Perfecto Plugin for Android Studio supports Android Studio 3.1.

Developer feature updates

  • Espresso testing supported in Android Studio 3.1
  • XCUITest and XCTest testing supported for iOS 11.3
  • Perfecto Connect supported for iOS 11.3
  • DevTunnel adds support for downloading iOS 11.3 system symbols.
  • Test Frameworks Support now provides more detailed progress notifications during execution. Allows user to quickly how his tests are progressing and if there are any problems.

iOS support updates

Select a device based on the Perfecto features supported. See details.

Known limitations

This section lists any feature limitations identified during the latest cycles of product development.

  • Uninstalling an iOS application using Perfecto icons or functions does not cancel the Location Service and Notification permissions of the application. Read more here.