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Last updated: Jun 12, 2018 12:13

View Source Code from Single Test Report

DigitalZoom's Single Test Report (STR) is a powerful tool that allows you to view many different aspects of a single test run of your application tests, from many different types of test frameworks. Many times when examining the STR you may wish to see the Source Code used to run the particular test - whether you are trying to identify the source line that caused an error situation or you want to identify the lines to modify in order to follow a different application path. Using the new Custom Fields supported by the Reporting SDK - your test script can provide information for the STR to identify the source file, and using the new STR UI tools you can quickly gain access to this source file directly from the STR.

Support for Progressive Web App (PWA) Testing on iOS

PWA are creating waves in the mobile application community. Allowing a web application to act like a mobile application allows the user to know that his application is in-sync with the service provider's web-site services. But how do you test these things? Perfecto introduces the functions to start and stop the PWA from your automation script - either Appium or Perfecto Native Automation - and automate the UI just like a hybrid application. Read more in the blog and the documentation.

Product Updates

> Perfecto Lab updates

> Desktop Web feature updates

> Developer feature updates

> iOS support updates