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Last updated: Aug 01, 2018 15:15

Perfecto Continues to Support Latest Releases

The Perfecto Lab offers support for all the latest features of iOS 12 beta versions. Within a short time of the Apple announcement of the Beta 3 release for application developers and testers, Perfecto can verify that your automation scripts will be able to activate all the newest features.

Support for Secure Data in DigitalZoom STR

When testing or automating an application that transfers sensitive information, such as usernames, PIN codes, or passwords, use Perfecto's String Encoder tool to securely send them to the Perfecto Lab device. When reviewing the test execution in the DigitalZoom Single Test Report (STR), the secured strings will be hidden.

Perfecto Adds Support for PWA for Android

PWA are creating waves in the mobile application community. Allowing a web application to act like a mobile application allows the user to know that his application is in-sync with the service provider's web-site services. But how do you test these things? On Android, these "Web Applications" are treated the same as a Mobile Applications (with the exception that the UI Elements are all DOM objects) and Perfecto Lab activates them using the regular Start Application and Close Application commands.

Product Updates

> Interactive feature updates

> Perfecto Lab feature updates

> Desktop Web feature updates

> Known Limitations:

  • iOS 12 Beta 4 limitation - When using automation or object inspection with the Perfecto framework with a web instrumented app, native object operations (not DOM objects) will not work properly and may cause the app to crash.
  • iOS 12 Beta 5 known issue - Progressive Web App (PWA) may crash on first start pwa attempt, but the application will open successfully if you repeat start pwa call