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Last updated: Oct 24, 2019 18:35

Manual Testing view

We introduced the following new options to the Manual Testing view:

  • Restart a device: During a session, you can now restart a device by clicking the power cycle button  on the device toolbar.
  • Ignore a running test: The End test form (available by clicking ) now includes the option to ignore the test that is currently running. This is the new default. With this option selected, you can end the test and release the device without having a report generated.
  • End a test and start a new one: When you select Mark PASSED or Mark FAILED in the End test form, you can now select between ending the test and releasing the device or ending the test and starting a new test.
  • Copy link to report: When you select Mark PASSED or Mark FAILED in the End test form, a link to the generated report now appears at the bottom of the form, along with a Copy to clipboard option. The report is usually available within a few minutes, but not immediately.

If you do not see any of these options in the latest UI just yet, stay tuned. They will become available within the next few days.

Test Analysis view

Perfecto Smart Reporting now provides the option to collapse retries of the same test into a single test report. For a test to be considered a retry, it must share the same parameters and CI job name and number or be part of the same execution. Perfecto does not list a test that is considered a retry in the grid and does not take it into account when calculating statistics. Only the last test in a retry series makes it into the statistics.

When the Retry feature is turned on, the STR shows the last execution of the report by default. You can navigate between retries by clicking the previous/next arrows in the report title.

This feature is turned off by default. To turn it on in your cloud instance, contact Perfecto Support.

Web and hybrid testing on iOS 13 in the public cloud

Currently, no official Appium release fully supports web and hybrid testing on iOS 13. As a workaround, we recommend that you temporarily use Perfecto's legacy Appium architecture, which does support iOS 13. To switch to the legacy Appium architecture, you need to modify the driver capabilities in your tests.

For more information, see Web and hybrid testing on iOS 13.

Product updates

API Change Notice (effective as of release 19.10)

Because the API used to implement the IDE gesture command or Perfecto mobile:touch:gesture extension for iOS is being deprecated, we are updating its implementation to be based on a newer API. While the new API performs more accurately and consistently, in some cases, parameter values in existing scripts may trigger different behavior and may need to be updated.

General Note

When working with first beta versions of major OS versions, especially developer betas that are not available as public betas, any testing done on the device may be affected by instabilities and bugs on the OS level. If you are interested in testing the new beta, contact Support or your Customer Success Manager. We recommend limiting beta testing to 1-2 devices.

 Android support updates

Support for Android 10 GA with the below limitations:

  • A secure screen is not supported.
 iOS support updates

Support for iOS 13 to 13.1.3 and iPadOS 13.1 to 13.1.3 GA as well as 13.2 Beta 4 with the following limitations:

  • Touch & MultiTouch Actions executed by coordinates may not be performed on specific device models.
  • Due to a bug in iOS 13, opening a SFSafariViewController class from a view controller that is not the main view controller causes the objects inside the controller to be inaccessible.
  • On iPad devices running iOS 13.1.x, opening a keyboard from a text field causes incorrect dimensions of the root element to be returned when retrieving objects. This, in turn, causes objects in the Object Spy to display incorrectly when the device is in landscape mode. This issue affects the application even after the keyboard is closed. For objects to display correctly again, you must close the application using the Close app button and relaunch it.
 Desktop web support updates

Extended support for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to production version - 9. With this enhancement, Perfecto now supports Chrome version 69-78 and Firefox 61-70.

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