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Last updated: Dec 31, 2019 15:05

Manual Testing view

We have introduced the following new features to the Manual Testing view:

  • Device cleanup: When you end a device session using the End test form (available by clicking ), you can now select to clean up the device before it is released.

     Click to view image
    Note: If devices are cleaned by default, this checkbox is not available.
  • Web license counter: The Web folder now includes a counter that displays the number of available licenses, similar to the device counter for mobile testing.

     Click to view image

Smart Reporting with XCTest

Perfecto Smart Reporting now includes screenshots for XCTest-based tests as steps in the resulting report. Previously, screenshots were added as attachments to reports on XCTest tests.

File list and file info commands

Added new Perfecto commands, perfecto:file:list and Perfecto:file:info. If a Web test creates files on the machine on which the test ran, you can use these commands to view a list of all files created and to receive information on specific files. Both commands work in combination with the download file command. For more information, see File list (FR) and File info (FR).

Browser support

Added support for Mozilla Firefox 71 and 72 beta.

Deprecation of username/password authentication

Authentication with username and password will be deprecated by end of 2019. Going forward, all authentication requires a security token. For information on obtaining a security token, see Generate security tokens.