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Last updated: Feb 10, 2019 16:22

XCUITest Sharding

We've added support for splitting your XCUITest across multiple devices, in parallel. This enables time optimization in seeing and analyzing the test results, and shortening the turnaround. this functionality already exists in our Espresso executions support.

for more information. click here 

Appium 1.10 support

Perfecto iOS Appium implementation has been upgraded to latest V1.10 release. 

Lab Self-healing

Perfecto keep improving it's mobile lab and we've recently added two intelligent self-healing abilities.

  • Wi-Fi self healing - Mobile operating systems as well as device manufacturers tend to disconnect from the network based on multiple parameters and internal optimizations. In addition, Some devices are known to look connected, but practically do not allow communication. When using devices for 24/7 continuous testing, high availability of the connectivity is essential, The Perfecto Smart lab, uses Intelligent engine to ensure connectivity is always available and self-heal connection issues.
  • Anti-Lock self-healing - devices with advance security requirements such as MDM or such that are used with fingerprint or face identification mandate device timeout locking. lock devices are not accessible. Perfecto anti-lock, self healing, ensure that devices are in a state that keeps them unlocked and ensure on-going operations without service interruptions.

Note: Self-healing is automatically enabled on your private cloud.

Reminder: New Hosting Service for Perfecto Service Libraries

If you are using any of the following Perfecto supported tools - XCUITest Testing, Espresso Testing, Gradle Plugin, DigitalZoom Reporting SDK, or the Quantum Framework, read the important notice about the update of the library repository configurations. Take action prior to 31 Jan, 2019.


New limitation for iOS 10 devices

Customers running iOS 10 (10.0-10.2.1) devices connected with XCUITest automation framework (a.k.a. template), searching for elements attributes using Class name or Class chain, might occasionally receive blank value. this is a known bug with Apple related to their newer Xcode versions.