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Last updated: May 05, 2020 14:27

Perfecto desktop web offering big changes

In the next few weeks, we will be announcing many exciting news about the Perfecto web offering. 

We are starting early access for our new 100% HTML5 interactive for web.

  • Faster - new interactive is much faster by utilizing better secure communication practices.
  • Simpler - new interactive exposes all UI elements exposed by the OS such as mouse hover, fast text typing, etc. 
  • Clearer - we've significantly improved the video quality

Selenium & Appium Upgrades 

  • Selenium server version is updated to the latest version 3.141.59. for more details about changes, please see Selenium server release notes
  • Android Appium version is updated to the latest 1.10. Please note that due to some major changes with this release, this is currently in Early Access mode and should be enabled EXPLICITLY. For more details, please see this
  • Users who are migrating to Selenium client 3.141.59 should be advise that basic authentication is no longer supported in latest selenium clients. basic authentication is not considered to be secured and users are advise to use security tokens instead.  

Solved issues

  • 36304 - Force touch not functioning as expected.
  • 35943 - download screenshots failed on some private clouds.
  • 36288 - Usage API not working as expected when moved from on-prem to hybrid/hosted cloud configuration.
  • 36342 - Safari is not opened by default on interactive web browsers session on Mojave version
  • 36343 - Firefox is not opened by default on interactive web browsers session on Mojave version
  • 36254 - Some Ipad screens are displayed incorrectly.
  • 36224 - URL returned by reporting might be wrong in some cases.
  • 36126 - XXE vulnerability in loading data tables fixed. 
  • 36202 - Image injection failed on some cases.
  • 35955 - supporting multiple selenium versions for MAC
  • 36290 - Espresso sharding is not working on all cases.
  • 36289 - Supporting Binaries sharding with XCUITest executions. 
  • 35819 - objects might not be displayed correctly in some applications.
  • Multiple stability improvements for iOS devices. 

Reminder: New Hosting Service for Perfecto Service Libraries

If you are using any of the following Perfecto supported tools - XCUITest Testing, Espresso Testing, Gradle Plugin, DigitalZoom Reporting SDK, or the Quantum Framework, read the important notice about the update of the library repository configurations. Take action prior to 31 Jan, 2019.