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Last updated: May 05, 2020 14:31


Perfecto keeps enhancing the XCUITEST & ESPRESSO execution. it is now possible to add mock location for these executions. Click here for more details.

Appium enhancements

Web enhancements

  • to prevent script failures, Windows authentication (IWA) is now disabled by default.
  • You can now share your workstation clipboard when working in interactive mode in the new HTML5 web UI. Please see this article for more details.
  • New Chromium based Edge browser (from Microsoft) is now supported (beta) for interactive. We are working to add support for automation as well. 

  • All VM images now include PDF reader. 

UI enhancements

  • Enable/disable the skin view in the execution center in order to maximize the viewing space. 

Platform related changes

  • iOS V12.3 is supported

  • iOS V12.4 beta is supported(beta)

Security notes

  • Security token generation API has been updated. click here for details. The old API will be deprecated in August 2019. We strongly suggest that you update your existing integration to use the new API. 
  • Infrastructure upgrade performed, fixing CVE-2019-0232 (^)
  • Infrastructure upgrade performed, fixing CVE-2019-11358 (^)
  • Security token generation moved to new HTML5 UI. Click here for more details (^). 
  • Security warning added before downloading artifacts from the repository (^).
  • we care about your security. by end of 2019, Perfecto will stop supporting user/password authentication as a acceptable method for Selenium/Appium authentication. Using a security token is a much more secure method and users are encourage to change their frameworks to use this method instead. use this article to see how to use security tokens and how to change your scripts. 

^ Above items were added in previous release (V19.6) but are shown as a reminder. 

Solved issues

NP-37240 - Reservation slider does not show up in some cases. 


  1. TLS V1.0 is not longer allowed. 
  2. Perfecto is adding forced validation for "audience restriction" setting in SAML configuration (Section Customers with external SSO IDP (a.k.a. federated SAML) MUST implement the <audienceRestriction> or <audience> SAML tags. this configuration was not previously validated as required by the SAML specifications. Perfecto will start enforcing this validation in the next few weeks and customers which are using external IDP configuration MUST change their configuration in order to continue using federated SAML SSO. for more information, please contact your CSM or support.