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Last updated: Dec 07, 2020 18:20

Security enhancement

Going forward, Perfecto supports only strong SSL ciphers. Support for weak SSL ciphers will conclude at the end of 2020.

Copy Bundle ID/App Package option

It is now possible to copy the bundle ID (for iOS) or app package (for Android) directly from the open device in the Manual Testing view. From there, you can paste it as a capability into your automation script.

New device platforms

Support for the following new device platforms is now available:

  • iOS 14.3 Beta 2
  • iOS 14.2.1 (for iPhone 12 only)

The limitations of previous iOS 14 GA and Beta versions still apply.

New browser versions

Support for the following new browser versions is now available:

  • Microsoft Edge 87 for manual and automation testing
  • Mozilla Firefox 83 GA and 84 Beta on Windows and Mac machines
  • Google Chrome 87 GA and 88 Beta are now available on Windows and Mac machines
  • macOS Big Sur for desktop web testing
    Devices with this OS come with Safari version 14.