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Last updated: Jan 13, 2021 18:39

Support for iOS 14 Developer Beta

Support for iOS 14 Beta is now available, with the known limitation of Perfecto Connect.



User management

Added support for user management under Assets and Setup. With this feature, admin users can now use the latest Perfecto UI to manage users and their access to functionality in the Perfecto UI by assigning appropriate user roles. It is now possible to:

  • Select and edit multiple users at once to change their status, assign them to roles, or delete them.
  • Edit individual users and change their password. For a selected user, a side pane lists all relevant user details. 

This new approach greatly simplifies user management as a whole.

Note: This feature will be rolled out gradually. Its availability depends on user synchronization between the old and the new system.

Watch this short video to see how it works.

For more information, see our user management documentation.


Added support for Perfecto DevTunnel in the Manual Testing view. Now, you can install DevTunnel and connect to the open device through DevTunnel from the device toolbar.

DevTunnel allows you to connect to a remote device in the cloud as if it was available locally on your workstation over a USB cable. At the same time, you can fully control the device environment to perform development and debugging activities. If you are a developer, Perfecto Dev Tunnel lets you:

  • Share resources: Share real mobile devices, hosted across the globe for your development activities, without the need for local pools of devices at each location to cover multiple OS versions and device models. Devices are always available and accessible.
  • Reduce time to fix: DevTunnel's remote access lets you debug on remote devices, reproduce complex issues, and easily configure the environment while you have full access to your debugger.
  • Easy setup and integration: DevTunnel is easy to set up and is fully integrated with your existing tool stack.

Watch this short video to see how it works.

For more information, see our DevTunnel documentation.

Repository access

Added support for access to the Perfecto repository from options such as image injection, audio injection, and visual analysis. With this feature, if you are a customer who has migrated to the new Perfecto repository, you can now add files from the repository during manual testing .


Jest integration

Perfecto now integrates with Jest, an open-source testing framework built on JavaScript and designed mainly for React- and React Native-based web applications. It is one of the most popular test runners these days and the default choice for React projects. Jest ships as an npm package. You can install it in any JavaScript project.

By integrating Jest and Selenium Webdriver with Perfecto, you can run your Jest tests in the Perfecto lab. Watch this short video to see how the integration works.

For step-by-step integration instructions, see our Jest documentation.

Browser support

Support for Mozilla Firefox 78 and 79 Beta is now available.

Support for other device platforms

Support for the following device platforms is now available: 

  • iOS and iPad OS 13.6. Beta 3
  • Android 11 Beta 1.5 is now available, with the known limitation of secure screens