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Last updated: Sep 22, 2019 16:28

Release 19.13

Learn about the fast web UI, testing with leading devices, mobile performance optimization, downloading files, and the latest supported platforms (Android 10 GA and iOS 13 and 13.1.1).

Release 19.12

Learn about UI and Codeless enhancements.

Release 19.11

Learn about Perfecto Connect, more information to view on mobile devices, sorting in Smart Reporting, limitations, and bug fixes.

Release 19.10

Release 19.9

Codeless Web

Release 19.8

Release 19.7

Release 19.6

Release 19.5

Release 19.4

Release 19.3

Release 19.2

Release 19.1

Release 18.17

See important announcements from Perfecto regarding upgrades of Appium support, moving the tool libraries. Learn about the DigitalZoom SDK for importing test information from other sources.

Release 18.16

Learn about adding smart failure reasons to test reports, the Execution Center's report for video feedback (EA feature), and more...

Release 18.15

Learn about Blocked tests and DigitalZoom, the new Image Streaming mode, Network Settings support for toggling Android Radio signal

Release 18.14

Perfecto supports all aspects of automation and developing on new iPhones, Stronger support for Mac Desktop Web testing, Turn the radio on or off for Android, and more features ...

Release 18.13

Release 18.12

Release 18.11

Learn about new options to add tags and custom fields to the test reports, support for iOS SFSafariViewController children from Perfecto's Appium, and more...

Release 18.10

Release 18.9

Pass secure input strings to Perfecto Lab devices and keep them under wraps, support for Progressive Web Applications on Android also, and more...

Release 18.8

Test with the latest environments, use your company's Certificates when instrumenting iOS applications, optimize the findElements() search, compare your test views on different platforms, and more...

Release 18.7

DigitalZoom now provides access to the source code associated with your test, learn how to use it, Perfecto supports testing PWA on iOS devices, and more...

Release 18.6

Learn how to limit device selection to devices that support advanced Perfecto features, support for Android Studio 3.1, XCUITest support of iOS 11.3, and more...

Release 18.5

Release 18.4

Learn how to use Visual Analysis to identify text on rotated devices, a new REST API command, and more...

Release 18.3

Learn about new DigitalZoom Reporting new features that make it easier to see the test results, the new Perfecto Connect feature that connects the Perfecto Lab devices to your internal network for more focused testing, support for Visual Studio 2017, and more...

Release 18.2

Learn about Perfecto's realistic iPhoneX display, Desktop-Web Customization Service, support for Amazon Fire TV, and more ...

Release 18.1

Run your XCTest and XCUITest methods on Perfecto devices, see screenshots from your Desktop Web Selenium test scripts, and more ...

Release 9.6-10.13

Learn about all the changes in 2017 to the Perfecto Lab, Fast Web, DigitalZoom, and more