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Last updated: Jan 30, 2017 07:46

Release 18.6

Learn how to limit device selection to devices that support advanced Perfecto features, support for Android Studio 3.1, XCUITest support of iOS 11.3, and more...

Release 18.5

Release 18.4

Learn how to use Visual Analysis to identify text on rotated devices, a new REST API command, and more...

Release 18.3

Learn about new DigitalZoom Reporting new features that make it easier to see the test results, the new Perfecto Connect feature that connects the Perfecto Lab devices to your internal network for more focused testing, support for Visual Studio 2017, and more...

Release 18.2

Learn about Perfecto's realistic iPhoneX display, Desktop-Web Customization Service, support for Amazon Fire TV, and more ...

Release 18.1

Run your XCTest and XCUITest methods on Perfecto devices, see screenshots from your Desktop Web Selenium test scripts, and more ...

Release 9.6-10.13

Learn about all the changes in 2017 to the Perfecto Lab, Fast Web, DigitalZoom, and more